A little dusty…

Well…It’s been a while. Let me dust off the cobwebs and give you a quick, hopefully not too wordy, catch up:

After a whirlwind season shooting the Express, there was a boomerang move (two moves, technically), a new job, more hockey with a different team, strife with the new owner of the Express, some personal stuff, buying a house, working on the house, finding out I’d been in auto-immune distress for years thanks to an undiagnosed medical condition, surgery to fix that, new diagnoses, and a promotion. (This would have been a perfect time for one of those sped up story montages a la Guy Ritchie or Ant-Man.)

Tomorrow I’m going to be at my first craft show in a long time. Outside of selling a few¬† items at the holidays, I haven’t really been putting myself out there for the last few years (it’s been a busy time! And my last foray into selling my handcrafted jewelry had a messy, terrible end; it was scarring). Fortunately, my big-sister, bestie, and generally awesome person, Carla, is joining me in a new project, Stardust &Whimsy! We’ve been kicking the idea around for a while (seriously 4 years) but it just kept getting set aside for other project and life events.

I’m hoping to share more with you about S&W, my life, and my photography soon. For now, keep following me on Insta and checkout StardustWhimsy.com


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